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Professional manufacturing insoles, Qiyuan is worthy of your trust!

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The company's main products: all kinds of high-end insoles, functional insoles, single bag insoles pu.eva.tpe, gel.pu insoles, brand insoles, bed foot footbed, etc., only focusing on the manufacture of insoles!

Professional development and production of sustainable green PU foam, functional memory foam, patented polylite elastic cotton, polymer latex, the company also focuses on the development and production of EVA, PU, latex, TPE, PORON, polylite ® insoles, arch correction insoles, customized insoles, heightening insoles, high-tech insoles, foot health products and safety medical supplies.
The company has advanced production equipment and laboratory, R & D center, 3D scanning and printing insole, and decades of professional team.

We have successfully cooperated with world famous brands for many years.
So far, the company has produced more than 200 million pairs of insoles with a capacity of 28 million pairs / year, serving more than 150 countries in the world.

The company has passed the ISO quality management system, BSCI certification and GRS certification, and has a number of trademark patents, inventions and Gamma Design and other intellectual property technology.

Insole features:
Sports insole is a kind of shoe material product with unique characteristics in elasticity, sweat absorption, shock absorption, comfort, etc., which is more suitable for the physical properties of the shoe material used in sports shoes. When people are exercising, they are all done through the power of the foot, so there is a relatively large load of impact force concentrated on the foot; in addition, the foot will produce a lot of sweat, the breeding of foot bacteria, reducing the comfort of the foot environment. Most sports shoes have the characteristics of shock absorption and high elasticity, but it is not very scientific to only rely on the sole to improve the comfort of sports. This gives the insole processing belt problems, shock absorption can not affect the elasticity, such as memory cotton shock absorption materials obviously can not meet such requirements; in material selection, through the test of various materials.




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