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The Best Insoles to Keep You on Your Feet

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These insoles slip into your shoes easily and improve the support every pair offers. This makes it easy (and relatively inexpensive) to give your shoes improved support, cushioning and even grip. They’re a quick way to make your old favorites feel brand new again, and a good way to delay having to re-sole a benchmade pair.

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Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles

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The padded EVA footbed will put an almost literal spring in your step, as it provides a good energy return when your foot strikes the ground during athletic activities. Furthermore, the whole insole is built with arch and heel support to keep your feet from getting too tired throughout the day.

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

For those who have it plantar fasciitis, walking can be a painful experience. A supportive insole like this option from Walk Hero helps to actively realign the foot to cut down on these pains, as its arch support helps to improve foot and leg alignment. Plus, it’s got plenty of fantastic cushioning to make time spent on your feet more comfortable.

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Orthotic Inserts

With high arch support to balance foot structure and dual-layered EVA foam, they have a deep, springy feel with each step. Additionally, the non-slip design not only helps with posture, but also helps prevent your feet from blistering or slipping on the footbed itself.

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