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New Bio-base And Recycle Foam Material Insoles


Now Foamwell is vigorously developing new bio-base and recycle foam material insoles.

We passed Biobased Product Testing. After testing, the result of Sugarcane EVA Insole is 64% Biobased Carbon Content and Polylite PU Foam Insole is 25% Biobased Carbon Content.

And we also got this BioPreferred Label.

Foamwell have been working hard on global environmental protection and sustainable item. If you have related needs in this item, you can contact us at any time, thanks.

Sugar Cane EVA Insole

Sugar Cane EVA Insole( 64% Biobased Carbon Content)Polylite PU Foam Insoles with Soybean OilPolylite PU Foam Insole(25% Biobased Carbon Content)

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Foamwell Specializing in the development and manufacturing of sustainable environmentally friendly PU foam, memory foam, patent Polylite elastic foam, polymer latex.




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