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3 tips on how you can better protect your feet

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3 tips on how you can better protect your feet

Your feet carry a load of your entire body throughout your life. Even if you're not an endurance athlete who runs thousands of extra miles in your lifetime, it's estimated that you'll still cover the distance of four laps around the earth. When your feet are not supported, it affects every joint above them. You don't have replacement feet, so you have to take care of the ones you have. In today's post, foot health-conscious insole manufacturer Foamwell will share with you 3 tips on how you can better protect your feet.

1. Choose function over fashion

Whenever we hear the adage "fashion over comfort" or "style hurts," we cringe. For centuries, people have been hurting their feet in the name of style. Chinese women wrap their feet at an early age to keep them small and feminine, and in many cultures, women wear high heels to increase their height and give the illusion of longer, slimmer legs, but at the cost of taking off their legs. Weight and putting pressure on their ankles, knees, and hips. Footwear should provide support for your feet and never feel pain. While some leather shoes may take time to soften, even if they're new, they should be comfortable immediately - don't believe you need to wear them out!

2. Pick based on material

When choosing footwear, choose quality materials that won't damage or change how they fit. For runners, your shoes should let your feet breathe and have rugged rubber soles that won't wear out. For workers who risk falling on equipment, there is no substitute for solid carbon fiber in the toe of the boot. Healthcare professionals rely on quality leather that prevents spilled bodily fluids from coming in contact with the foot and can withstand regular disinfection using anti-microbial chemicals. If you're considering saving money by choosing less expensive footwear because they're made of substandard materials, consider that if you buy quality, well-made footwear, you'll spend half the time replacing those shoes.

3. Sturdy and durable insoles

To add extra protection to any shoe, invest in a durable shock-absorbing insole like the ones made by America. The thin material's tapered support allows you to stand and walk comfortably all day, which helps improve your gait and avoid joint problems. The breathable anti-microbial material prevents bacterial growth. The best part about insoles is that they can be added to any footwear! Buy the right protective shoe for your sport or work and simply adjust the size and insert the insole for added protection and comfort.

For sturdy and durable insoles, Foamwell is your best choice. We have a solid technical team to design specialized insoles for different occasions, different foot sizes, and different needs, like orthopedic insoles, diabetic insoles, and boost insoles. At Foamwell, you are sure to find the best insoles for you.

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