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OEM&ODM Process

Custom Orthotic Insole

Custom made orthotics are arch supports made from a mold of your feet. Our orthotics labs will then scan and create the orthotic insert based upon the options that you ordered.
 There are a wide variety of "custom orthotics" available. If you have narrow shoes, ski boots, dress shoes, order one of the dress orthotics.

Foot 3D laser scan

  Auto diagnostic for arch type, hallux, and heel (manual) 
  Mark landmarks on foot then drag points to match 
  Foot report with manual annotations 
  Export to STL/WRL, JPG/PNG, PDF report, CSV data files

Data collection and analyze

Analyze foot plantar pressure and gait conditions to provide accurate data for the design of Orthotics

Graph design

Design the custom orthotic by the scan data pressure test and Prescription instruction.


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