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Custom EVA insoles are widely used in the shoe industry and the insole market. EVA shoe insoles are usually made of EVA as the main material of the insole, combined with fabric, leather, and other fabrics. EVA foam insole has good shockproof and cushioning properties, softness, water resistance, and corrosion resistance.

What is EVA shoe insole?

EVA insoles are a type of insole made using EVA foam material, which has many advantages that make it an ideal insole for many sports shoes. In addition to being able to be used as an insole material, EVA material is also an ideal base for sports shoes. An EVA insole is a plastic sole lighter and more flexible than rubber.

EVA is a foam commonly used in the midsole of athletic shoes that provides excellent shock absorption as you walk or run. While "comfort" is (of course) a subjective term, it is often considered more comfortable than traditional midsole and outsole materials like cork, leather, and rubber. While you typically find EVA in athletic shoes, it is increasingly found in formal shoes and boots.

Why is EVA a good material for insoles?

EVA material provides better shock absorption compared to traditional insole materials. This makes EVA insoles more comfortable and better for sports and walking.

Traditional materials used to make insoles and midsoles, such as cork, rubber, and leather, can also provide shock absorption. However, these materials have limitations. For example, cork compresses after repeated use, and once compressed, it stays compressed. It still absorbs some shock but is much stiffer.

Leather outsoles, while soft compared to some rubbers, wear relatively quickly and don't do much in the way of shock absorption.

Many rubber forms can also act as shock absorbers - they contract like a spring when weight is applied and expand when weight is reduced. However, rubber is still relatively stiff, so it doesn't provide a lot of absorption.

EVA has special physical properties. It is not so soft that it loses its shape, but it is soft enough to absorb many shocks. That's why EVA is considered one of the best materials for insole production; it provides more shock absorption than rubber and recovers its shape better than cork while providing plenty of cushioning.

Are EVA insoles good?

Why are EVA insoles good? The following five benefits of EVA insoles should help you understand.

1. Flexibility - EVA tends to be softer than rubber, which means it has greater flexibility, which naturally means your EVA athletic shoes are more comfortable.

2. Lightweight - EVA is lighter than rubber and, combined with our merino wool uppers, makes for a lighter shoe.

3. Warmth - EVA sneakers don't conduct much heat, so your feet will stay warmer for longer. This makes EVA the ideal sole for our wool boots.

4. Shock absorption - Our EVA sneakers absorb more of the impact of steps than other soles. This makes your EVA sneakers more comfortable when you're out walking or running. Shock-absorbing shoes have many benefits, including reducing stress on your joints as you walk.

5. Durability - EVA soles are more durable than other soles. This way, your EVA sneakers can keep up with you when you need them to.

Foamwell EVA Shoe Insole

Foamwell is the leading insole brand in China. It is also a supplier of EVA Foam material, so we can guarantee you reliable material quality and have a professional design and R&D team to provide you with high-quality EVA insoles that meet your needs.

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