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How to choose the right insole, These are the factors you should know
There are many reasons to buy insoles. You may suffer from foot pain and buy insoles to relieve the pain; you may have bought a new pair of shoes and want to match; you may be looking for insoles for sports, such as running, tennis, or basketball. But choosing insoles takes a lot of time and conside
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Materials commonly used in the production of insoles
There are many kinds of materials used in the production of insoles, and the insoles made of different materials have their own functions and characteristics, and the cushioning and comfort of the insoles are also largely determined by the materials used in their production. The following insole cus
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How to clean your boost insole
The primary purpose of cleaning our boost insoles is generally to remove the odor of the insoles and to achieve this, generally have two ways.▪ The dry way (Use baking soda to clean boost insole)▪ The wet way (Use soap solution to clean boost insole) Use baking soda to clean and boost insolesBaking
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Best shoe insoles for standing all day
Even if you have a great pair of shoes, standing all day on your feet can still be very uncomfortable. So what can be done to slow it down? Maybe you can try by replacing a better pair of insoles. But what are the best shoe insoles for standing all day?With the progress of science and technology and
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Why use hot melt adhesive film for insole bonding?
In the traditional manufacturing process, glue is usually used to bond the insole. However, due to a large amount of solvent in the glue, the laminated product has an apparent pungent smell, which is neither environmentally friendly nor harmful to health. Therefore, Foamwell products are selected ho
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What a good pair of insoles can bring you
People tend to pay more attention to the style, color matching, comfort, and durability of shoes and pay little attention to the impact of insoles on wearing. The importance of insoles is often ignored. The insole can keep the inside of the shoes dry and make the shoes easy to clean and wear. At the
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