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4 reasons why cork is suitable for insoles

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4 reasons why cork is suitable for insoles

When it comes to cork, you may first think of a wine cork, but today we will talk about not this, but cork for insoles. If you pay close attention, you may have found that many shoe brands have cork applications. So what are the benefits of cork? Why is cork suitable for insoles? The following insole manufacturer, foam well, will share it with you through this article.


1. Cork has shock absorption

The excellent elasticity of the cork reduces joint stress. It provides a low-impact transfer to your knees, ankles, and calves. Cork and its shock-absorbing ability keep the heel and foot in the orthopedically correct position. Walking in a cork insole is not only comfortable underfoot, but it helps reduce the overall walking load, allowing you to walk more comfortably and healthily.


2. Cork insoles have a snug fit

Because cork is flexible, when you start wearing cork insoles, the heat of your feet and the overall weight of the cork insoles will slowly create deformation, creating a custom fit and providing a high level of comfort for your feet. While cork insoles are similar to rubber or synthetic insoles in that they mold to the characteristics of the wearer's foot, the difference is that the cork insole stays firm once molded, maintaining proper arch support and foot alignment. Just like fine wine, cork gets better with age.


3. Cork is naturally antibacterial

Cork is a natural antibacterial product, which means that using cork insoles can help you effectively avoid foot odor problems! Cork prevents fungal buildup, which is helpful for shoes and a boon for lazy people. If you don't wash your shoes and insoles very often, cork insoles are a good choice; you have to let your shoes dry and rest for a day or so, and the cork insoles will regain their fresh smell.


4. Cork is sustainable

Cork is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Cork is harvested from cork trees, where the material is formed beneath the upper bark layer. Cork trees are harvested after 25 years, and it takes 9 to 12 years for the bark to grow back thick enough to be harvested again. Harvesting cork is suitable for both the tree and the environment. After harvest, as the trees begin to regrow their bark, they absorb up to five times as much carbon from the atmosphere. And cork is a recyclable resource, making it a worthwhile type of insole in this climate of environmental advocacy.


After reading the above 4 points of the benefits of cork insoles, are you also moved by it? Suppose you want custom cork insoles to occupy the market in advance. Welcome to contact Foamwell, the insole manufacturer. In that case, we can provide you with a high-quality and affordable cork insoles customization service.

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