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5 Common Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Shoe Insole

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5 Common Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Shoe Insole

A custom shoe insole is a sole component placed on the insole of the shoe. Its function is to make the inner bottom of the shoe perfectly clean, remove foot sweat and moisture absorption, and make the inner sole of the shoe smooth and comfortable to wear. Back to today, the insole has many functions: heating, heightening, protection, cushioning, moisture wicking and so on.

What are the types of custom shoe insole? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of custom shoe insoles?

Custom heated insoles

Custom heated insoles are mainly made of Japanese aviation thermal storage PU fabric, which is liquefied into 5-20 nanometer light wave fiber filaments that can reflect far-infrared heat energy and can store heat energy on this special fabric. The insole made of far-infrared thermal storage PU fabric can store the heat of the foot, and the real heating insole can serve as a warm insole. After 1 hour of use, it can release thermal energy waves to the feet through far infrared, and the body temperature of the same part will rise. Compared with ordinary insoles, wool insoles are much warmer to resist the severe cold and improve circulation. The material for heating the insole contains far-infrared thermal energy tourmaline powder, which can emit far-infrared with a wavelength of 8-10 microns and generate negative ions, so it can generate heat.

Advantages: After the temperature rises, the insole will always maintain a constant temperature and will no longer continue to rise. In addition, heating the tourmaline powder in the insole can promote blood circulation, promote smooth metabolism, improve immunity, eliminate fatigue, and have antibacterial and deodorant effects.

Height increase shoe insole

This is the silicone heightening pad. Its advantage is: the heightening insole is made up of the whole part, which avoids the incompatibility and hiccups between the insole and the original sole. The material is relatively soft silicone, which is easy to fit different people's feet. A cloth sole is also attached to the surface of the insole, so that even if it is added to your shoes, you will not be found to have a heightened insole if you take it off.

Disadvantages of silicone booster pads: the insoles should not be worn for too long, because the silicone insoles are easily deformed due to excessive extrusion.

Rubber insoles/eva foam shoe insoles

The rubber insole is made of PV and rubber, which has more advantages than the silicone rubber insole and is more durable. It is the most commonly used insole for outdoor hiking shoes, and generally has good cushioning and support effects. Generally, as each outdoor shoe brand develops by itself, some functions will be different.

Rubber air cushion

There are more airbags in the heel, just put this insole into your sports shoes, it is also a pair of air cushion shoes, with a certain degree of shock isolation.

Ordinary custom height increase insole

Advantages: reasonable price and average quality.

Disadvantages: The material is relatively light, and the quality is very general.

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