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5 Tips to Keep Your Foot Health

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5 Tips to Keep Your Foot Health

A Chinese proverb says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the feet," and healthy feet are essential for your health and your daily life. Therefore, we usually remember not to neglect the feet when doing health and wellness activities. Otherwise, we will regret it when the feet have problems, causing unnecessary pain and other foot problems. The feet are also known as the second heart. They are involved in the health of almost every system in our body, such as the skeletal, cardiovascular, digestive, muscular, endocrine, and immune systems.


Fortunately, it's easy to keep your feet healthy. Here are 5 foot health tips from Foamwell, the insole manufacturer that cares about foot health.


Keep your feet clean and dry every day

To have healthy feet, you must maintain a good hygiene routine. Wash your feet daily with warm water, being careful not to use water that is too hot or cold. Water that is too hot or cold can damage your skin, especially for people with diabetes who have reduced skin sensation. Dry your feet with a soft towel and check them. Make sure to dry between each toe and then put on clean socks.


Cut your nails regularly and properly

Trim your nails, but not too short. Cut your nails directly and avoid trimming too close to the skin or rounding the corners of the nails, which can cause painful inward-growing toenails. If you are unable to cut your nails, a podiatrist can help. If you use a nail salon, tell them to be careful not to cut your toenails too short or hurt your skin when filing them.


Wear the right shoes

Poorly fitting shoes can cause many foot pain problems. Make sure you choose very comfortable shoes. It is also recommended that you buy shoes at night when the size of the shoes you try on is most accurate. Don't wear high heels or pointy toe shoes too often as this can cause toe cramps and lead to inward growth of toenails and calluses.


Wear the right insoles

We all know how important it is to choose the right shoes to keep our feet healthy, but we overlook the importance of choosing the right insoles. In addition to proper sizing, the insole design is also essential. For example, wearing high heels regularly can damage the bones in your feet. You can avoid the pain and fatigue caused by wearing high heels for long periods by purchasing a pair of custom-designed insoles. Different materials, different designs, and different use scenarios. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your expertise the next time you purchase insoles.


Avoid sharing shoe gear

Wearing shoes and socks worn by others may cause fungal infections. So, always wear your shoes and socks to keep your feet healthy.


We hope the above tips can help you to have a healthy pair of feet and customize comfortable insoles from Foamwell, the insole manufacturer who cares about foot health.

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