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Are Orthopedic Shoe Insoles Useful?

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Are Orthopedic Shoe Insoles Useful?

Children under the age of 14, because the foot bones are not fully mature, they are prone to flat feet and valgus hind feet. This is a normal foot phenomenon in the growth of children, and will gradually return to normal with age. However, when children’s foot muscles experience excessive relaxation or stiffness, severe flat feet, severe hindfoot valgus, high arched feet and other foot problems may occur, which will affect the children’s gait and activities of daily living, so many parents will have serious problems in their children. When having foot problems, choose to buy a pair of orthopedic shoe insoles for your child. However, because the feet require a long recovery time and it is difficult to see the effect in time, many parents will be concerned about a question: Are orthopedic shoe insoles useful?

Before paying attention to this issue, it is recommended that you first understand whether you have done these three points:

Corrective shoes should be equipped with "right"

The first thing to intervene in flat feet is actually to pair a pair of corrective shoes. How to match a pair of corrective shoes? Go to a professional organization to solve the problem of custom made orthotic insoles. To distinguish whether an organization is professional or not, it depends on whether the equipment is professional, the personnel are professional, and the service is professional.

In orthopedic insoles manufacturers, there are orthopedic insoles specially designed for flat feet, high arches, and valgus hind feet. The center has a large-scale instrument that assesses the child's foot condition through three-dimensional scanning, gait tracking, etc. The professional foot orthopedist will give a reasonable comprehensive height based on the valgus data measured by the instrument, the flatness of the arch, etc. The orthopedic insole customization suggestion is to give the closest support and corrective force according to the flatness of the foot and the thickness of the soft tissue of the sole, which can straighten the ankle, adjust the force line of the lower limbs, and promote the return of the child's arch to normal.

Dress gradually

When a child is growing up, bad habits in childhood, such as W-shaped sitting and sleeping on the stomach, will affect the healthy development of the child's feet, leading to foot problems such as flat feet and hindfoot valgus. Because it is a long-term effect, it is necessary to make gradual progress in the process of correcting foot problems.

Because it is different from ordinary children's shoes, the orthopedic shoes are hard, and the orthopedic insoles are adjusted in height in response to foot problems, so children are not comfortable when they first wear orthopedic shoes. At this time, it is necessary to slowly put on the child, and gradually let the child become familiar with the corrective shoes, and finally can wear it all day. Scientific wear can help children achieve foot shape correction as soon as possible and return to normal.

Do targeted exercise

If you want to be effective, proper exercise is essential. Exercise can enhance muscle elasticity. Through muscle strength, it can pull the arch of the foot and restore the arch to normal. The role of orthopedic shoes is more to correct the lower limb line of force, so that the lower limb line of force is horizontal and vertical to the ground, reducing the pressure on the joints, and promoting the recovery of the foot. Generally more suitable pulling exercises include, toe exercises, exercise children's calf muscles and plantar muscles; grasp toe exercises, exercise plantar muscles and so on. Jumping and stretching exercises such as grabbing towels with your toes, skipping rope, and playing basketball are all good choices.

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