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Cleaning Precautions For Custom Sport Insoles

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Cleaning Precautions For Custom Sport Insoles

Basically, babies who wear sports shoes know that custom sport insoles are almost a dead end of sports shoes. If they can't find the correct cleaning method, they will not only turn yellow and black but also smelly. So, how should sport shoe insoles be cleaned? As the leading shoe insoles supplier in China, let Foamwell take a look at how sport insoles should be cleaned!

How to clean sport shoe insoles?

Soak the sports shoes first, clean the dirt inside with a soft brush, and print them dry with a cloth or thick paper towel after passing water. After stabilizing the shape of the shoes, air dry naturally, but avoid direct sunlight.


1. Basically, you should avoid cleaning the insoles as much as possible. If there is a peculiar smell, take out the insole and place it in a well-ventilated place to air dry.

2. If the situation is bad, you can rinse the insole under the faucet and wipe it lightly with a soft brush. Do not use any cleaning aids, otherwise the surface fabric may fall off.

3. Place it in a well-ventilated place to dry. Do not use a hot air blower or a hair dryer to force the insole to dry, otherwise the insole may be deformed.

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