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Cork Insole-A More Suitable Insole For You

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Cork Insole-A More Suitable Insole For You

In today's more and more abundant material life, busy work often causes certain damage to your feet. Today I will introduce to you a custom cork insole that can significantly improve your foot injury and make your feet more comfortable!

What is cork insole? 

Let's first understand what cork shoe insoles are.Recork recycled cork components are made from corks recycled by businesses and individuals like you.Producing them requires minimal processing,low energy input and less water consumption than synthetics,and extends the life cycle of an already incredibly sustainable material.Recork recycled cork components are made from wine corks recycled by businesses and individuals like you. Producing them requires minimal processing, low energy input and less water consumption than synthetics ,and extends the lifecycle of an already incredibly sustainable material.Choosing cork insoles is to contribute to the cause of environmental protection!

Why choose cork shoe inserts?

In addition to the above environmental protection factors, cork foot pads have the advantages of anti-aging and stronger stability compared with traditional insoles. One of our orthopedic insoles can arch Support Feet Inserts Shock Absorption and Cushioning for Women Men Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs and Foot Pain.It can alleviate the health problems caused by the feet to a certain extent.

Combination of environmental protection and technology

Material: mesh+EVA+cork

Three-point mechanics: The support points on forefoot, arch and heel. Suitable for arch pain and bad walking posture.  

 U-heel design: Keep feet bone vertical and balance, provide feet stability. Reduce the friction between the feet and shoes. 

 Environmental Cork Arch Support: Made with sustainably harvested natural cork. Relieving fascia strain, helping rebound, improving blood circulation and reducing fatigue when movement.  

 High Quality Materials: Skin-friendly anti-slip polyester fibre feels delicate, soft and breathable, prevent feet odor. Make your feet all day comfortable and cool. 

High polymer HI-POLY provides good cushioning and elasticity for reducing shock and alleviating wear and tear on your legs.

Our services

Foamwell is one of the leading shoe insole manufacturer in China, offers cork shoe insoles, custom heated insoles, sports shoe insoles. Custom made orthotics are arch supports made from a mold of your feet. Our orthotics labs will then scan and create the orthotic insert based upon the options that you ordered. There are a wide variety of "custom orthotics" available. If you have narrow shoes, ski boots, dress shoes, order one of the dress orthotics.Insoles for diabetes, arthritis, and sensitive feet are designed primarily to alleviate pressure on the foot, help absorb impact shock, and minimize any abrasive rubbing or irritation against the skin of the foot. These insoles are typically made using lightweight and closed-cell foam such as Plastazote (a popular material for diabetic insoles) to help keep the insoles light, assist in pressure relief, while helping to reduce skin shearing. Diabetic and arthritic insoles will also often feature a gel base or gel padding at the heel and ball-of-foot for additional comfort and shock absorption.

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