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Eva Foam Sheet for Insole

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Eva Foam Sheet for Insole

Foamwell Eva foam sheet

Model Number: FM-41

Function: Basis material for custom insole

Cooperation: ODM, OEM and Custom made Available.

MOQ: 1000 pairs

eva foam sheet material

This EVA has excellent elasticity and provides higher resilience and elasticity to cope with compression. Which make it a excellent material for custom shoe insole. It has a high level of chemical cross-linking, providing excellent stability, tear strength, and water resistance compared to (cheaper) non-cross-linked foam EPE products. The closed-cell structure of EVA foam makes it impervious to water and moisture, fungi, bacteria, and air. It is highly heat resistant, lightweight, flexible, and compressible and has moderate to good recovery after long-term compression.

EVA soles are available in three shapes: round, rectangular and elliptical. EVA sole sheets are available in various packaging options, including wraps, jute bags, bundles, rolls, and sacks. They are also available in red, white, and various colors: blue can be customized, yellow is a color option, and cream, 1000, black and green are options.

EVA, EVA+EVA+, EVA-Hawaii EVA rubber, paper rubber, and other high-quality materials are used to make EVA sole boards. An EVA sole is a plastic sole that is lighter and more flexible than rubber soles. These are used in women's shoes, high heels, leather shoes, and the footwear industry.

EVA additives such as wax and resin produce hot melt glue sticks, Class A soccer shoes, and other hot melt adhesives. The footwear market requires white, black, AMP, and other color variations. EVA foam masterbatches are available in a wide range of colors and can be used to achieve all qualities of EVA foam.

Flame retardant chemicals are added to the chemical composition to improve EVA foam sheets' thermal and fire resistance. Precious electronic components anti-static EVA foam packaging Anti-static substances are used to make anti-static EVA foam.

Elastic EVA foam is used to improve the comfort and durability of items. It has become one of the most popular foams due to its many excellent advantages in terms of performance and practical use. Customers require high-strength EVA foam, a combination of EVA and rubber foam.

Due to the material, we can use standard 5mm EVA foam sheets and this material. Foam and plastic/rubber combinations that are neither solid nor hard plastic or rubber materials are called EVA foam materials. Low and medium-density EVA foams are also available, and these materials are elastic and flexible.

The main objective of this EVA foam sheet was to create a manufacturing process that would match the EVA foam's hardness to the sole's hardness, thereby increasing production efficiency and improving the product quickly. The goal at that time was to provide a manufacturing method that combines hardness for more accurate results and combines the two places to create new colors and hardnesses.

This EVA foam sheet overcomes the traditional EVA hardness and elongation inconsistencies, which exponentially increase the force on the sole product, causing undesirable bending and twisting within the extension of the outsole, which is achieved by determining the shape and size of the depression without the effect of deburring during the process execution, which is achieved by determining the shape and size of the sink, without the effect of deburring during the process execution.

Because EVA does not emit much heat, in addition to its application in the production of insoles, EVA in the production of fake flowers, cosplay costumes, orthotics, surfboards, water skis, car mats, and traction mats has a wide range of applications. In addition, it can also be used as a cold flow enhancer, diesel fuel separator, and HEPA filter.

Eva is a copolymer adhesive used in packaging, textiles, binding, bonding plastic film to metal surfaces, coated paper, dispersible powders, plaster, cement, and gypsum applications.

In addition to the above EVA foam sheet materials, Foamwell has other EVA materials to meet your needs. If you are looking for a reliable insole material or insole manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.

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