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How To Choose Heated Shoe Insoles?

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How To Choose Heated Shoe Insoles?

Winter is coming. For people living in cold regions, heated shoe insoles are essential items in winter. Many friends will have choice difficulties. Should I choose heating insoles or electric heating insoles? As one of the leading shoe insole manufacturers in China, Foamwell tells everyone how to choose.

The internal component of the self-heating insole is iron oxide, which increases the reaction efficiency through contact with the air, and ensures the heat and duration of heating.

Rechargeable heated insoles are safe and non-radiation, and can be recycled. Electric heated insoles consist of a pair of heating insoles with built-in batteries, a remote control and a charger. The built-in small lithium battery in the heating insole can provide power for heating and keep the feet warm. The important element in the heating insole is the soft and thin heating sheet. Like the heating principle of electric heating clothing, the heating principle of heating insoles is also: the battery provides electric energy, and the heating sheet converts the electric energy into heat energy, that is, the "current heating effect". As long as the battery is charged, it can continue to provide heat to the heating insole, and the feet will receive heat and feel warm and comfortable.

Many people worry that electric foot warmer inserts are not safe, but they don’t have to worry at all. The voltage of the insole is within the safety range of the human body and will not cause harm to the human body. And it can be used repeatedly, which is economical and affordable.

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