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How To Choose Height Increase Insoles?

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How To Choose Height Increase Insoles?

In the autumn and winter season, you can place Height Increase Insoles inside the shoes. In fact, Height Insoles can modify the leg shape well, I believe that many beautiful women use it! Today, Foamwell is to introduce you, add height insoles a few centimeters suitable? Add HEIGHT INSOLES half-mat or full mat?

How to increase the insole a few centimeters?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the most intensive part of the human body is the foot, so choosing a pair of quality increase in the insole is very important. The principle of high heels and height increasing foot PAD is similar to the physics, preferably 4 cm or less, Otherwise, spine shifts and arthritis, etc., and a pair of suitable shoes can alleviate physical fatigue, enhance energy, improve sleep.

Half or full mat is good

The full pad can not guarantee that you put into every pair of shoes, the half pad is harmful to the arch, and the three-quarters are the most comfortable. This SHOE INSOLES for Height can keep your body balance, and the highlighted footbown design is completely fitted with the foot to lift, and the thickness is not heavy, and the increase will bring discomfort.

Enhanced food

If you are still 25 years old, then as long as you follow the diet methods mentioned below, there is still a chance to increase. To increase, you should eat more protein, especially those with "amine acid" food, such as: flour, wheat germ, beans, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, seaweed, beef, chicken, liver, pig leg meat, Egg, milk, cheese and dark vegetables, etc. On the contrary, white rice, glutinous rice, dessert, etc. should not be eaten as much as possible. Coke and juice are also less eaten, because the sugar contained in it will hinder the absorption of calcium, and it will affect the development of the bones. In addition, salt is also an increased enemy, and must develop less salt habits.

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