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How to clean your boost insole

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How to clean your boost insole

The primary purpose of cleaning our boost insoles is generally to remove the odor of the insoles and to achieve this, generally have two ways.

▪ The dry way (Use baking soda to clean boost insole)

▪ The wet way (Use soap solution to clean boost insole)


Use baking soda to clean and boost insoles

Baking soda is often touted to absorb and trap stubborn odors. This tutorial will teach you how to use baking soda to efficiently and effectively remove odors from boost insoles.

First, we need to prepare a sealable box or bag and put a few ounces of baking soda inside.

Place the insoles in a container. Slide the boost insoles into the baking soda to be completely submerged. It may be helpful to turn them upside down so that the entire upper surface remains in constant contact with the powder. The greater the surface area covered by the baking soda, the better the results.

The boost insoles should be mostly dry before using baking soda.

If you can't find a suitable container, take the boost insoles out and sprinkle the baking soda directly on them.

how to clean your boost insoles 

Let the boost insoles sit overnight. Seal the container and find a place to store it out of the way. The baking soda should have locked in the most pungent smell when you wake up the following day.

For best results, baking soda should be allowed to work for at least 6-8 hours.

Baking soda is one of the easiest ways to eliminate the odors of boost insoles because it does not require any scrubbing, wiping, or washing.

Remove and replace the boost insole. Open the container and discard the baking soda. Shake off the remaining powder from the insoles and let them sit outside before putting them back in your shoes. Afterward, you should no longer be able to notice any unwanted odors. 

This can be used as often as needed to keep boost insoles from smelling bad.


Use soap solution to clean the boost insoles

Remove the boost insoles from the shoes. Lift the insoles from the shoe and slide them out of the opening. Brush off any loose dirt, dust, lint, or other debris so you can focus on the dirtier areas. Before cleaning, place recently worn insoles somewhere nearby to air them out.

If your shoes do not have removable insoles, you must carefully clean the inside of your shoes by hand. 

While working on the boost insoles, put the machine-washable shoes on a gentle cycle.

Mix the soap and hot water with a box or basin. Fill the sink or a separate bucket and squeeze in a few drops of a mild liquid dish detergent that mixes easily with the water. Mix up the soap and water together to form a solution. 

Hot water removes stuck-on dirt and stains better than cold water.

In most cases, a light scrubbing with soap and water is sufficient to eliminate unpleasant odors from lightly worn insoles.

Dip the stiff bristle brush into the soap solution. A nylon dishwashing brush or similar tool will work well for this purpose. Wet the bristles and shake off any excess solution. You don't want your boost insoles getting too wet. 

how to clean your boost insoles

The key to successfully cleaning most boost insoles is not over-saturate them with water. Too much water can damage boost insoles made of leather, foam, and composite materials.

You can also scrub with a soft, spongy, plain cotton towel.

Re-wet the brush with a new soap solution as needed.

After scrubbing the boost insoles, use a clean cloth or sponge to remove visible soap residue.

Let the insoles air dry. Now that the insoles have been cleaned, you need to make sure they have a chance to dry completely before you wear them again. This will prevent odor-causing bacteria from returning, as they will be attracted to warm, moist places. Once they are sufficiently dry, slide them back into your shoes and let them go through their paces.

You can speed up the drying process by placing your insoles in a well-ventilated area or propping them up near an air conditioner or space heater.

If the weather is nice, place the insoles in the sun to dry. This makes them drain faster, but the UV radiation from the sun will help kill any lingering bacteria that the soap solution may have missed.

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