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How to relieve foot pain for mothers-to-be

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How to relieve foot pain for mothers-to-be

       During and after pregnancy, your body changes quickly and can be uncomfortable. One of the discomforts that many women experience is swollen feet. Here's what's going on with your feet during pregnancy and some simple remedies that can help. Hopefully, moms-to-be will be happy and relaxed as they welcome their new baby.


       Expectant mothers may go through the following changes in their feet during pregnancy.

       Mothers-to-be may notice that the shoes they usually wear have become tighter or no longer fit. That is because of the permanent change in the shape of their feet and cause they have a limited number of shoes they can wear. That's because the extra fluids and the extra fluids produced by the mother-to-be's body to support a healthy fetus can also slow down blood flow. This can cause blood to pool in their lower extremities, causing their feet to swell.

       Pregnant women and ankle joints may become loose, leading to instability. This instability is exacerbated by increased body weight. These changes, along with changes in the curvature of their back, may also lead to changes in their gait (the way they walk) during pregnancy.


How to relieve swollen and painful feet

       While swollen feet may or may not be painful, they can be uncomfortable or annoying. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to relieve symptoms during pregnancy.


Walk regularly to promote overall health

       Walking for 5 or 10 minutes several times a day can help improve circulation, which can help reduce swelling. It can also be a significant break in your day and a great way to get some safe pregnancy exercise.


Drink lots of water

       Drinking lots of water can help reduce swelling. If your body thinks you're dehydrated, it will keep more fluids to compensate.


Elevate your legs

       Even if you have a million things to do before your baby is born, try to sit down and lift your feet. While sitting all the time is wrong for your circulation, standing all the time is also bad for your body. Beautiful Pregnant Body.

 Sitting with your feet elevated for a while - especially at the end of the day - can help drain the fluid built up in your legs throughout the day.


Massage the swollen area

       The benefit gained through massage is a reduction in swelling. When your feet are swollen, you can gently massage your feet and legs to help relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.


The following other activities can also relieve swelling and discomfort in the feet.

       1. Wearing elastic socks

       2. Sleep on your left side

       3. a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables

  In addition to the above methods, choosing a pair of suitable shoes and comfortable insoles is a very effective way for mothers-to-be to relieve foot pain. Foamwell provides various types of custom insoles for different people. We can customize the targeted insoles. If you need custom insoles, welcome to contact us.

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