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How to treat bunions, few tips from insoles manufacturer

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How to treat bunions, few tips from insoles manufacturer

Bunions do not go away without treatment. If left untreated, bunions can become worse. The goal of treatment is to slow the progression of bunions and reduce pain. In this chapter, we will introduce you to the various treatment options for bunions. Hopefully, it will get rid of the pain of bunions.


How to correct bunions

• For mild cases, barefoot exercises can be performed to strengthen the plantar muscles and slow down the progression of bunions. This is also one of the ways to correct bunions.

• Moving the big toe inward with the fingers daily can also be effective in preventing bunions from getting worse. Some things patients need to know about the correction

• Wearing the right shoes can prevent the onset and progression of bunions in patients. It is essential to wear large and comfortable shoes, which will provide more space for the bunion and prevent the worsening of symptoms.

• With the help of some orthopedic devices, such as bunion braces


Orthodontic treatment

Mild bunions are those where the first metatarsal head is relatively tiny medially, and the bunion is deflected outward to a lesser degree. If the patient feels no pain, non-surgical treatment options such as medical, physical therapy, and wearing a bunion brace are available. For bunion patients, the younger the patient is, the more effective the results will be. After all, younger patients have much better bone flexibility than older people. If you are a mild bunion patient, be sure to use bunion braces consistently.


The longer you use it, the better the correction will be. I am sure you will see a good result.



Medications do not correct bunions. They only relieve the symptoms. If you feel particularly painful, you can prepare some painkillers in your daily life.


Surgical treatment

If you experience severe foot pain even when walking or wearing flat, comfortable shoes, you may need bunion surgery. Surgery may also be needed when chronic inflammation and swelling of the big toe cannot be relieved by rest or medication. This will not only slow down the progression of bunions but also effectively prevent some complications from occurring.


Daily life and prevention tips

We also offer two tips and precautions for your daily life.


Buy shoes at night! Your feet are subjected to so much load daily that they swell up at night. This can affect the entire shoe size! As a result, the shoes you buy in the morning may not fit you at all later in the evening. To prevent this from happening in the first place, be sure to try on your new shoes in the evening.


Walk barefoot on different surfaces! It would help if you walked barefoot on inclined and uneven surfaces. Barefoot running works and strengthens the foot muscles and provides more stability.


Bunions are common, but they can still be well managed, and their effects on us can be reduced if we respond and treat them well. It is Food Well's prayer to care for foot health and provide the most suitable insoles for everyone to take every step in comfort. For custom insoles, don't hesitate to get in touch with Food Well, a professional insole manufacturer.

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