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How To Use Custom Orthotic Insoles And Matters Needing Attention

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How To Use Custom Orthotic Insoles And Matters Needing Attention

Many buyers of custom orthotic insoles do not know how to use orthotic shoe insoles correctly. Now I will teach you some methods.

You must gradually adapt to the insole. You can start from wearing it for 1 hour a day, and add up to 1 hour a day, preferably half an hour a day. You must not be impatient, you will not be able to wear your feet when you buy it home. This will not only not cure the disease but also damage the feet, because the deformities of the feet need to be corrected slowly. Correcting too quickly can strain the muscles and ligaments. After four weeks of trying on, you have to go back to see where you need to modify it. Wear orthotic shoe insoles with functional exercises. It is best to cooperate with orthopedic correction to promote the restoration of bones and joints to normal. The soles of the shoes should not be too soft, the insoles should be suitable after being placed in the shoes, and they should not be erected by the uppers, and the shoes should not be too loose.

Do not allow the insole to move freely in the shoe. The correct use of biomechanical custom orthotic insoles is most satisfying, but any treatment is not a panacea. When using orthotic shoe insoles, you must pay attention to the overall health of the patient, especially whether there are problems with the lumbar spine and pelvis that have not been corrected. Some patients have foot disease caused by lumbar spine disease. Correction will cause the lumbar disease to be further aggravated.

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