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Introduction to the material difference of custom shoe insole

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Introduction to the material difference of custom shoe insole

Custom shoe insole is the basic product for foot care. Many people see insoles with various patterns and question marks in their minds. They don’t know what insoles are made of those materials. Some say they are rubber, some say they are sponge. It is latex insoles and so on. As consumers do not understand the materials, as the one of insoles manufacturers in China, Foamwell introduces the materials of common insoles to everyone.

EVA insoles: EVA foam insoles are the veterans of insole materials, and they have contributed to the development of the shoe industry. EVA is not cold to the touch, similar to rubber. The real rubber feels hard to the touch and feels slightly cold. If EVA is pinched with a nail, there will be dent marks, and the blowing is not breathable. EVA cushion insole has outstanding support and elasticity, and is used in sports shoes. However, EVA is not breathable, so people with a lot of sweat and foot odor should prevent it from using it. If someone says environmentally friendly deodorizing EVA, it is a lie.

TPR insoles, this type of insole looks crystal clear, similar to jelly. Some people think it is silicone, this kind of insole feels cool to the touch, it won't be deformed when you knead it with your hands, and it has good resilience. Like EVA, TPR is not breathable. Suitable for shock absorption. Most common half insoles are suitable for those who like beautiful appearance or leather sandals. Contrasts for women's shoes are more common. Those who have a lot of sweat, and those who have bad feet should prevent them from using it.

latex foam shoe insole: Latex foam shoe insole is generally quoted and widely used in the shoemaking profession of women's shoes. But few people know, why is this? All the beauties can take a look at their shoes (take leather sandals as an example). There is a bulge from the heel to the sole of the foot. Press it up with your hands to contrast the soft and soft ones, much like pressing on a rubber. By the way, this is the heart of latex foam insoles. In the market, there are also a lot of latex insoles for sale; the appearance of latex insoles looks like a loose rubber. Blowing with your mouth is very breathable. Latex insoles can deodorize, absorb sweat, are soft, have a moderate price, and are widely recommended. The defect is poor wear resistance and short service time.

CPU insole; CPU is now mainly used in high-end brand sports shoes. The elasticity is very excellent, and it is the best choice to replace EVA. Nowadays, it is also used for height-increasing shoes and shock-absorbing shoes. The CPU is molded by casting, and it feels like rubber. (No one uses rubber for insoles at all nowadays). Just pinch it with your fingernails and there will be no dents. But the CPU insole is not gas, so we can understand this kind of insole. Due to the high quotation, it is not recommended for wide use.

Sponge insoles, the appearance of sponge insoles is also considered exquisite, compared with EVA and TPR, the appearance is not comparable. We should be familiar with sponges in contrast. The most common sponges are: Baolifeng, Baoliyou, Osley; these three kinds of raw materials have the function of absorbing sweat, breathable and deodorizing, with very good resilience and moderate quotation. Wear-resistant and durable without deformation, it is strongly recommended for consumers to use. At present, sponge insoles have no significant defects.

Leather shoe insoles: Needless to say, the advantages of leather, leather is breathable, deodorant, but not deodorant. The appearance is exquisite, generous, feel high-end and other advantages. The defect is that the leather will become rigid if it is permanent, it will no longer be soft, no longer deodorant, and it must be replaced in time.

Textile insoles and embroidered insoles: This type of insole is the first type, how consumers will think about it is a question. First of all, pure cotton is the best in terms of raw materials. But there are very few pure cotton insoles. If you appreciate them as handicrafts, we can try them on. This type of insole has no significant strengths and shortcomings, and is attributed to something relatively ordinary.

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