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Know the insole material to choose a more comfortable one for your feet

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Know the insole material to choose a more comfortable one for your feet

Understand the insoles' material to choose more comfortably for your feet. Insoles are particularly common items in people's daily lives. A variety of insoles, to people's choice, also brings trouble, we need to insole material, to choose more comfortable for your feet.

The following is to bring you the insole material and different choices I hope you like.

Insoles in addition to filling the space of the shoes, to keep the feet warm, but also according to the material,

It can be divided into leather insoles, chemical fiber insoles, bamboo insoles, cotton insoles, activated charcoal insoles, hemp insoles, etc. There are many massage health care functions.

The comfort of insoles affects our quality of ours. The quality of life, why I would say so, is because good insoles are more important than good shoes. Direct contact with the foot is the insole rather than the shoe. Choosing a good pair of insoles will usually make us very comfortable when walking.

When the shoes are big, we need a pair of insoles that can cushion the feet. When the soles are too hard, we need a pair of soft insoles, and when the shoes are cold in winter, we need a pair of insoles that keep us warm.

There are many kinds of insole materials, and to quickly find the right one for you from these insoles, you still need some small methods.

As long as you have a good grasp of their own principles to find the right insoles for themselves is not difficult, for example, when the shoes are large we need a pair of insoles that can cushion the feet, so that the shoes can follow our feet will not look very large.

For example, if the shoes are not very warm, you can choose a pair of very warm insoles inside the shoes.

When the bottom of the shoe is very hard, you can choose a pair of soft insoles. For example, in the summer, so that the shoes are too hard, we can pad a pair of deerskin insoles. Breathability is very good will not make the feet very smelly because of the pad.

In winter, you can choose cotton insoles if you feel that the sole is hard, and you can also choose the insoles with fur if you want to keep warm.

Bamboo charcoal insoles are your better choice if you have a foot odor. Bamboo charcoal insoles can absorb the odor inside the shoes. If you want to pad your feet when wearing flat shoes, you can also use heel pads.

Often wearing high heels will make the forefoot very painful. Want to change the status quo? You can try on the forefoot pad on the semi-silicone insoles. Putting in high heels to wear will make the palm of the foot pain much less.

One, summer is suitable for choosing faux deerskin, fabric, or leather insoles. Such insoles are cooler, sweat-absorbing, and comfortable to wear in summer.

Second, the winter is suitable for choosing felt insoles, cotton insoles, sponge insoles, etc. In short, the principle of choice is to keep warm and can effectively prevent the feet from getting cold.

Third, people with metatarsal pain choose silicone insoles. Metatarsal pain mainly manifests as forefoot pain, suitable for using the silicone-made half pad, the pad under the forefoot.

Silicone products are flexible and can play a supporting role so that the pressure on the foot is shifted back, cushioning the forefoot pressure and reducing local pain.

Fourth, people suffering from flat feet should choose special flat foot insoles under the guidance of a doctor. Such insoles can be physiotherapy, massage, strengthen the internal and external muscles of the foot exercise, and have certain benefits for flat feet.

Fifth, there is foot odor or foot sweat, foot odor people can choose bamboo carbon insoles. Bamboo charcoal as the core material for the production of insoles, moisture absorption, and deodorization effect is obvious and can effectively inhibit the feet with germs

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