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Love Sports With Cork Insoles

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Love Sports With Cork Insoles

Nothing in the world is the best, and there are always some remaining flaws in what you like.

As many people like the AJ, it is good-looking, detailed, exudes a unique charm, but some poor have to complain and groan about the place.

The wearer knows that it is not too "good to wear," the sole is hard to bring the feet uncomfortable body feeling.

And for different people, everyone's foot type, arch state, gait, weight, etc., are different, and not everyone is suitable for such shoes. If the shoes are not worn right, it is easy to lead to plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and other injuries.

At this time, you will need to seek insoles to compensate, insoles as shoes and feet to undertake, but its importance is often ignored. As long as there is a pair of Qiyuan cork insoles, it can easily solve the problem of shoe mismatch.

Qiyuan cork insoles' moderate elasticity perfectly solves the problem of rugged shoe soles. Pads in shoes will no longer feel the feeling of stepping on hard concrete.

cork insoles

In walking sports, cushioning performance can protect the feet will not be due to friction or collision damage.

Some people are extra picky about shoes because of their foot type, so they miss out on their favorite shoes.

Flat feet and high arched feet are abnormal foot types, and they are very harmful to the foot, causing great damage to the foot over time. They are not suitable for sports and cannot walk and stand for long periods.

There are orthotic insoles for this type of people in hospitals, but they are expensive, so they are not suitable for everyone.

One of the compelling features of Qiyuan cork insoles is that they can "micro-shape," coupled with a unique process that can be worn to achieve the ability to fit the foot shape. Curved design to give arch support to achieve the effect of a normal arch and gradually correct incorrect gait.

Environmental and climatic factors also cause "shoes" challenging to wear. Initially, other seasons are no different, even very comfortable shoes. It becomes extra uncomfortable once in the summer because your shoes have a big problem.

Here, the shoes with worth are the socks and insoles, socks material is superior to determine the most direct feeling of your feet, and insoles determine how your feet will be in an environment.

In the summer heat, feet are prone to sweat insoles. If the performance is not good, will not channel sweat, sweat gathered in the shoes, and the feet will be hot and humid.

Such an environment will make fungus breeding, infection of the foot skin, long-term under the formation of foot odor, damage to the foot skin.

Qiyuan cork insoles also have good performance in the summer. Breathable and sweat-absorbing can let the foot in a dry environment; insulation performance can effectively isolate the ground from a large amount of heat, while the anti-odor anti-bacterial properties away from foot odor.

Insoles are easy to ignore, but a large part of the shoe senses the insole and is still an important element of foot protection.

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