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Several Reasons To Wear Custom Shoe Insoles

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Several Reasons To Wear Custom Shoe Insoles

An ideal pair of shoes will be equipped with. A pair of custom shoe insoles suitable for your foot condition can better protect your feet, but not many people have ignored the role of shoe insoles, so what does it have on human feet? What kind of help?

1. Convenient for cleaning inside shoes

Because the inside of the shoes is not easy to clean, and the feet are not breathable in the shoes, they are easy to sweat, increase bacteria, make the feet smelly, and it is inconvenient to clean the shoes. The custom made shoe insole on the pad can facilitate cleaning and keep the inside of the shoe dry, reducing and improving foot odor.

2. Can protect shoes

If there is no insole, walking or exercising for a long time may wear the inner surface of the shoe.

3. The need to protect the feet

Padded insoles will make your feet not easy to wear, and at the same time you will feel comfortable. In summer the insoles have the effect of absorbing sweat, and the day insoles can keep you warm.

4. Adjust shoe size indirectly

Sometimes the shoes we bought may feel larger. For some reasons, they can’t be replaced. So we can adjust the size with insoles.

5. Reduce foot diseases

Choosing a suitable pair of insoles can reduce foot skin diseases caused by fungal infections.

6. Reduce foot fatigue

People who often stand and walk often feel fatigue, discomfort, or even pain in their feet. The reason is that the feet have only 3 points of force under normal circumstances, and the scientific design of the shoes is to use a mesh at the three stress points of the foot.

The structure effectively relieves the stress on the foot, and at the same time the arch is scientifically and effectively supported, so that the foot is changed from three forces to the entire sole of the foot, so that the foot muscles can relax and effectively reduce foot fatigue. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the muscles and ligaments of the feet are loose, and the elasticity is weakened, and the fat pads on the soles of the feet become thin.

7. Absorb sweat, deodorize, prevent athlete's foot

The feet are the place where the human body sweats the most. Now the surface of the functional insoles is covered with antibacterial fabrics, and the polymer biomaterials underneath can absorb sweat well when the feet are sweating. Take the insoles out at night, the sweat will evaporate, and the shoes will always maintain a relatively dry environment. The fungus loses the moist growth environment to prevent athlete's foot.

8. Promote blood circulation

Since the soles of the feet are the reflection areas of various tissues and organs of the human body, these reflection areas are connected to the internal organs through the meridians, so the feet are called the "second heart". The insole can effectively support the arch of the foot and effectively promote blood circulation to warm the feet and healthy the whole body.

9. Adjust the correct posture of the human body

Because of incorrect posture or prolonged use of the feet or weight bearing, resulting in leg defects, the feet are prone to fatigue, body balance problems, it is easy to form O-legs/X-shaped retreats/flat feet, etc. The addition of insoles usually increases The support for the existing shoes, and over time, can help solve the effect of adjusting the body line of force due to the increased arch support and better heel stability.

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