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The Function Of Custom Shoe Insole

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The Function Of Custom Shoe Insole

People often choose shoes that focus on the style, color matching, comfort, and durability of the shoes. They seldom pay attention to the influence of custom shoe insoles on shoes, and often ignore the importance of insoles for wearing.          


In fact, the custom shoe insole not only keeps the inside of the shoes dry, makes the shoes easy to clean, not easy to wear, but also helps protect the feet, effectively alleviate the sole pain caused by standing or walking for a long time, and prevent a variety of foot diseases.

First of all, the insole has good foot protection performance. The insole can fill the space between the sole of the foot and the footbed to prevent the foot from sliding inside the shoe and cause varus, valgus or sprain. At the same time, the insole can provide good support and stability to the feet, which can play a role during exercise. Shock absorption prevents various injuries caused by long-term exercise.

Secondly, the insole should have good breathability and sweat absorption. The feet sweat more and the growth of bacteria will reduce the comfort of the foot environment. A pair of good insoles have good breathability and sweat absorption, improve the warm and humid environment in the shoes, inhibit the breeding of bacteria, and keep the feet dry, clean and comfortable.

Third, custom shoe insole can promote blood circulation in the feet and speed up metabolism. Use the insole to massage the health function of the foot, promote blood circulation and speed up the metabolism, which is conducive to the long-lasting activities of the foot and relieves fatigue.

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