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Top 5 EVA Foam Manufacturter 2022

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Top 5 EVA Foam Manufacturter 2022

EVA foam is a very powerful material that has a wide range of applications in the production of many products and materials, especially in the production of cosplay costumes, and shoe soles, insoles. EVA foam is a regular visitor. EVA foam has a large market, and there are naturally many suppliers, so many people are new to the market and need to purchase EVA foam materials. How to choose a reliable quality EVA foam manufacturer is the first to face the headache. In this article, we will recommend the Top 5 EVA foam manufacturers in 2022. They are a reliable EVA foam manufacturer you can give priority to.


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Dongguan Foamwell Sports Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 and is located in Dongguan city. Foamwell specializes in developing and manufacturing sustainable and environmentally friendly PU foam, memory foam, patented Polylite elastic foam, and polymer emulsion. We specialize in developing and manufacturing EVA, PU, LATEX, TPE, PORON, POLYLITE® insoles, orthotic arch insoles, custom insoles, height enhancement insoles, high-tech insoles, foot care products, safety medical products, etc.

Foamwell produces more than 200 million pairs of insoles annually, with an annual capacity of 28 million pairs, and serves more than 150 countries worldwide. ISO certified, BSCI, and GRS certified. Owns several ® trademark patents and intellectual property technologies such as inventions and designs.

Foamwell is a strong insole manufacturer in China, with its production bases in China and Vietnam, which can provide customers with high-quality, competitive insole products. EVA insole is one of the core products of Foamwell.

EVA Industries

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Founded in 1978, EVA Industries prides itself on manufacturing high-quality EVA, EPDM, PE, natural rubber, PVC, and TPR materials and products. EVA also manufactures complete beach thongs, from concept and design to assembly and packaging of the final product, and has established long-term supply arrangements with the country's most prominent blue-chip retailers. EVA also manufactures and converts (in-house) various types of specialty foam and rubber products, some of which are exported worldwide and used to meet a wide range of industries in a wide range of applications.

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics

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Monmouth Rubber & Plastics is a family-owned and managed rubber and plastic foam company. It was founded in 1964 by John M. Bonforte, Sr. For 54 years, Monmouth Rubber has been a fundamental manufacturer of closed-cell rubber and foam, including loaves, sheets, rolls, and foam tapes. Monmouth Rubber is ISO certified.

All manufacturing is done at Monmouth's fully equipped facility in Longbranch, New Jersey. The company's team is located on-site and has the hands-on experience and ability to provide a quick response.


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HEAPLAKE is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of EVA foam products. We provide lightweight, attractive, environmentally friendly, and safe-to-use EVA foam sheets and related EVA foam products. The products comply with SGS, EN 71, and RoHS standards and are exported to Germany, Denmark, Japan, the USA, and Central and South America. To ensure high quality, raw materials are self-produced and audited by Adidas for raw materials.HEAPLAKE factory implements ISO 9001:2000 standards throughout the production process. A one-year warranty is provided, and the defect rate is almost zero due to quality detail control.


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Primacel is a foam manufacturing company based in France. Primacel develops, manufactures, and distributes quality foams certified in orthopedics, orthopedic shoe engineering, orthopedic prostheses, and orthopedic shoes. A market leader in producing high-quality cross-linked PE and EVA foams and synthetic rubbers, offering a wide range of foam solutions. All materials are prepared under reliable quality control and comply with international standards.

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