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Top 5 EVA Foam Suppliers

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Top 5 EVA Foam Suppliers

EVA foam is an acronym for closed-cell ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer foam and is an effective alternative to various materials used in manufacturing. It is a suitable substitute for natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane, PVC foam, wood composites, felt, fiberglass, and mineral wool. EVA foam has good gloss and transparency, remains strong at low temperatures, remains resistant to UV radiation and stress cracking, and has hot melt adhesive waterproofing properties. Therefore, in many industries, the production of products is widely used. EVA foam has a very large demand market, so naturally, there are many suppliers for some people who just contact EVA foam material to find a reliable, cost-effective EVA foam supplier. We recommend the top 5 EVA foam wholesale supplier in several relative headaches. They all have many years of industry experience and reliable source suppliers. It can be a priority to understand if you need to purchase EVA foam sheets.

1. Foamwell

eva foam supplier

Dongguan Foamwell Sports Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2006 and is located in Dongguan city. Foamwell specializes in developing and manufacturing. We specialize in developing and manufacturing sustainable and environmentally friendly PU foam, memory foam, patented Polylite elastic foam, and polymer emulsion. We specialize in developing and manufacturing EVA, PU, LATEX, TPE, PORON, POLYLITE® insoles, orthotic arch insoles, custom insoles, height enhancement insoles, high-tech insoles, foot care products, safety medical products, etc.

Foamwell produces more than 200 million pairs of insoles annually, with an annual capacity of 28 million pairs, and serves more than 150 countries worldwide. The company is ISO-certified, BSCI, and GRS certified. Owns several ® trademark patents and intellectual property technologies such as inventions and designs.

Foamwell is a strong insole manufacturer in China, with its production bases in China and Vietnam, which can provide customers with high-quality. EVA insole is one of the core products of Foamwell.

2. FoamOrder

top 5 eva foam supplier

FoamOrder is an organic mattress and foam manufacturing company that provides consumers with safe, all-natural, organic alternatives to conventional and posture-correcting mattresses and a wide range of consumer and industrial foam products.

3. Foamcraft USA

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Foamcraft USA is a designer and manufacturer of foam materials located in Chicago. Founded in 1962, Foamcraft has become the complete manufacturer in the Midwest with cutting capabilities ranging from waterjet cutting to die cutting to contour cutting. Our commitment to obtaining a complete line of modern foam manufacturing equipment and machinery and the largest range of available materials, densities, and color options allows Foamcraft to provide our customers with unlimited product possibilities.

4. Foam Creations

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Foam Creations is the North American division of injection molded foam specialists Finproject Group. With over 25 years of experience in the unique XL EXTRALIGHT® technology and offering all the services required as a polyolefin foam molder, Foam Creations has a higher added value than the average EVA foam molder. With their design and R&D department, they can assist customers in co-developing molded foam products.

5. Monmouth Rubber & Plastics

eva foam supplier

Monmouth Rubber & Plastics is a family-owned and managed rubber and plastic foam company. It was founded in 1964 by John M. Bonforte, Sr., 54 years. For 54 years, Monmouth Rubber has been a fundamental manufacturer of closed-cell rubber and foam, including loaves, sheets, rolls, and foam tapes. ISO certified.

All manufacturing is done at Monmouth's fully equipped facility in Longbranch, New Jersey. The company's team is located on-site and has the hands-on experience and ability to provide a quick response.

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Foamwell Specializing in the development and manufacturing of sustainable environmentally friendly PU foam, memory foam, patent Polylite elastic foam, polymer latex.




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