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What a good pair of insoles can bring you

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What a good pair of insoles can bring you

People tend to pay more attention to the style, color matching, comfort, and durability of shoes and pay little attention to the impact of insoles on wearing. The importance of insoles is often ignored. The insole can keep the inside of the shoes dry and make the shoes easy to clean and wear. At the same time, it helps protect the feet, keep the feet comfortable and clean, reduce the foot pain caused by standing or walking for a long time, and prevent a variety of foot diseases.

What a good pair of insoles can bring you 

What is the function of the insole?

1. the insole has the function of protecting the foot. The insole fills the space between the sole and the shoe bed to prevent the foot from sliding in the shoe. At the same time, the insole must provide good support and stability to the feet, play a shock absorption role in movement, and avoid various injuries caused by long-term movement.

2. it has good air permeability and moisture conductivity. The foot sweats more, and the foot bacteria breed, which reduces the comfort of the foot environment. A suitable insole has good air permeability and moisture conductivity, improves the warm and humid environment in the shoes, inhibits the propagation and growth of bacteria, and keeps the feet dry and clean.

3. Promote foot blood circulation. The use of insoles for foot health care promotes good health and blood circulation. This facilitates long-lasting movement of the feet and relieves fatigue.


Classification of insoles

In terms of material, insoles can be divided into a cork, cotton, felt, bamboo charcoal, silica gel, EVA, foaming Pu, etc. in terms of appearance, there are whole insoles, half insoles, and heel insoles. In terms of function, insoles can be divided into conventional, health, corrective, protective, and environmental deodorization.


How to choose insoles?

When purchasing insoles, please pay attention to the thickness, softness, and hardness of the insoles and their ability to absorb sweat and expel moisture; Too narrow feet are uncomfortable, and too thick shoes occupy space to squeeze feet; It is easy to be tired when walking for a long time. It is too hard to grind the feet. The cushioning and shock absorption is reduced, which is not conducive to foot protection. The too thin and too soft insole is easy to deform when worn.

It is suitable to choose a cork or leather insole in summer. It has strong perspiration absorption and is relaxed and comfortable to wear.

It is suitable to choose felt and warm cotton insoles to prevent feet from getting cold in winter.

People with metatarsal pain choose cork insoles. Metatarsal pain is mainly manifested in the pain of the forefoot. Using a half pad made of cork under the forefoot is suitable. Cork products have good elasticity, can play a supporting role, make the foot pressure move back, buffer the pressure of the front foot, and reduce local pain.

People with flat feet should choose special flat foot insoles under the guidance of doctors. Such insoles can be used for physiotherapy, massage, and strengthening the foot's internal and external muscle exercises, which is good for flat feet. At the same time, because the cork insole is made of cork, the cork itself has a specific arch support effect, so you can also choose the cork insole.

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