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What are orthotic insoles? What are their benefits?

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What are orthotic insoles? What are their benefits?

Foot orthotics are sometimes called "arch supports" or simply "orthotics." They can be made of different materials and vary in quality. However, their purpose is the same: orthotic insoles are designed to support your foot and ankle so that you can stay active without pain and discomfort. Orthotics guide your foot to maintain a natural and healthy movement and can prevent excessive forward or backward rotation.

What is a custom orthotic insole?

Custom orthotic insoles help align your feet and ankles correctly. They are used to treat abnormal movements and other foot problems. Healthcare providers often prescribe custom orthotics, using models and scans to ensure that the medical device fits your foot perfectly.

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The Benefits of Custom Orthotic insoles

Custom orthotic insoles offer significant benefits, such as relieving heel pain, helping to elevate the arch, and addressing deformities. Some of the conditions that inserts can relieve include

• Excessive internal rotation

• Excessive posterior rotation

• Leg length discrepancy (also known as leg length inequality (LLI) or leg length discrepancy (LLD))

• Neuromuscular disorders

• Foot deformities

• Plantar fasciitis

• Back problems

• Uneven weight distribution

• Collapsed arches

• Toe deformities

• Bunions

• Chronic foot pain

Even minor foot and ankle conditions can negatively impact your mobility and cause soreness and pain. However, a pair of great custom inserts can be life-changing for people who suffer from severe foot deformities, collapsed arches, or chronic pain. Orthotics allow you to maintain (or regain) an active lifestyle without the discomfort associated with foot or ankle conditions.

How long do orthotic inserts last ?

A quality custom orthotic typically lasts two to three years, sometimes even longer. However, even the best orthotics will eventually wear out. Indications that your insoles need to be replaced include

• Your orthotic insoles are showing signs of wear and tear

• You have recently experienced foot pain and discomfort

• You have recently lost or gained a significant amount of weight

• You have experienced a significant lifestyle change, such as pregnancy or a severe injury

If you have questions about whether you should have your inserts replaced, your healthcare provider can help! They can evaluate your current orthotic inserts, re-examine your feet and ankles, and help you determine if it's time to purchase new or different inserts.

To customize effective orthotic insoles, you must find a technically reliable manufacturer. With professional technical equipment and a team of experts, Foamwell is your most reliable manufacturer of custom insoles, so feel free to leave a message.

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