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What can you get with EVA insoles?

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What can you get with EVA insoles?

Why do you need to use EVA insoles when you already have matching insoles when you buy shoes? Yes, if you are already satisfied with the current insoles, but if you are looking for more comfortable shoes, you should replace them with a pair of EVA insoles. What are the benefits of using EVA insoles? Let's take a look together.

Extra Comfort

EVA material is a dense foam polymer called ethylene vinyl acetate with excellent, durable shock absorption properties. As such, EVA is ideal for walking or standing. Using EVA insoles will help relieve foot pain when walking and standing for long periods. Therefore EVA is not only an ideal material for making insoles but also one of the common materials used in shoe soles.

Environmentally friendly

EVA insoles are eco-friendly insoles because we do not use environmentally harmful substances such as chlorine in the production of EVA insoles. Therefore, EVA insoles in the natural environment and will not produce environmentally harmful substances due to decomposition, and after wearing worn out for a long time, can be safely discarded.


EVA insoles add extra warmth and insulation because they provide an extra layer between your feet and the cold outdoor surfaces you walk on. If you wear breathable shoes in the summer, switching to a pair of EVA insoles in the winter will allow you to feel the warmth on the bottom of your feet and upgrade your summer shoes to winter and summer goodies.

Help you adapt to the shoe size.

Technically speaking, this is not the patent of EVA insoles. Any insoles can achieve this effect for you. When you buy the shoe size is large, or you like the shoes only this large size, you can add insoles to make the shoes more adaptable to your size.

If you'd like to learn more about EVA insoles, check out our previous article, "What is EVA Shoe Insole?" or our Custom EVA insole product section, which also features various custom EVA insoles. Of course, you can also contact us directly if you have any questions about EVA insoles, and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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