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What is boost insole? What are the pros?

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What is boost insole? What are the pros?

Boost insoles are new types of sports insole that only appeared in 2013. This application of reinforced insoles for sports shoes was first introduced by Adidas and quickly gained public popularity.

The material of boost insoles is Expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane or E-TPU for short. To make Boost, the TPU particles are expanded to form closed cells around tiny air pockets. Foamed from TPU particles, similar to the EPP foaming process, TPU particles are also pre-treated at high pressure and temperature. With the help of professional foam forming machinery and equipment, E-TPU foam can be molded into different shapes.

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What are the benefits of Boost insoles?

The biggest highlight of the Boost insole is its energy return, but in addition to that, there are other benefits of the Boost insole that are key to the boost insole's ability to enhance the running experience.

Comfort: The cushioning properties of the Boost insole make you feel like you're running on a tiny cloud of precision-engineered cushioning.

Temperature Adaptability: Boost insoles are also designed to handle a wide range of temperatures, making them running shoes that can cut through wind, snow, sun, and rain without a problem.

Durability: Boost is a technology that can last mile after mile without any performance loss.

Flexibility: Whether you're jogging or running fast, it provides a silky smooth walking experience.

Energy Return: The ability to absorb and return more of an athlete's power output makes him the choice of many athletes.

If you are interested in learning more about Boost Insole, you can ask us by message or email or contact us directly. Foamwell is a professional Boost insole manufacturer and can provide you with the best custom boost insole solution.

Additional knowledge about Boost:

The Evolution of Adidas BOOST

Since its first commercial release in 2013, Boost has set a new standard for performance shoe technology and continues to advance that narrative through iterations and improvements. Below is a brief timeline of some of Boost's significant accomplishments.

2013: Energy Boost debuted as the first Adidas running shoe to feature a Boost midsole.

2014: adiZero adios Boost wins the men's WR at the Berlin Marathon.

2015: Ultraboost becomes a crossover hit for performance running and fashion.

2016: Ultraboost X pushes the design further with a laceless upper and targeted support.

2017: adiZero adios Boost wins the women's WR at the London Marathon.

2018: Ultraboost x Parley incorporates upcycled and recycled waste into its iconic design.

2019: The Boost story continues with the release of the Ultraboost 19 and Pulseboost HD.

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