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What is EVA Foam Sheet? EVA Foam Sheet Application

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What is EVA Foam Sheet? EVA Foam Sheet Application

EVA foam is an acronym for closed-cell ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer foam and is an effective alternative to a wide range of materials used in manufacturing. It is a suitable alternative to natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane, PVC foams, wood composites, felt, fiberglass, and mineral wool. EVA foam is characterized by good gloss and transparency, remains strong at low temperatures, retains its resistance to UV radiation and stress cracking, and has hot melt adhesive waterproofing properties.

EVA foam's versatility, ease of use, durability, and affordability have made it popular for various uses.

In addition to footwear, EVA can be used for sports equipment - such as yoga mats, life jackets, and fitness mats - body protection, packaging, cushions, seating, carpet padding, padding, splints, neck braces, apparel, and craft needs.

EVA Foam Sheet Application

VFM customers have found creative uses for EVA as dog mats and horse bedding, shoe inserts, insulation, floor mats in dance studios, car interior padding, padding under fish tanks, making puppets, spa covers, and even around pool filters to help reduce noise.

Get colorful with EVA foam

Our EVA rigid high-density foam (85kg/m3) is now available in blue, red, and yellow, 30mm thick. Our EVA is available in 1x1 meter sizes for easy delivery to your doorstep. The shaded foam option is available with a 5 mm black layer on top of 25 mm colored foam.

EVA foam for role-playing

EVA is responsible for the weapons, armor, and stage props that help bring the world of cosplay to life. As strong as standard polyethylene foam, only more flexible, EVA is easy to cut, heat, sand, sculpt, CNC, and laser cut because of its closed-cell foam material.

Making with EVA

Artisans love the smooth surface of EVA and the dense material free of bubbles and air bubbles because "no bubbles = no hassle" when it comes to molding foam. If you want layered foam, smooth EVA foam on both sides (like Titan AV EVA foam) is the way to go.

Boaters love EVA

If you have a boat, whether it's a yacht, dinghy, or kayak, EVA is perfect for decorating and adorning your boat's seat thanks to its minimal water absorption (yes, it floats!) and compression recovery. EVA foam is a very useful marine material for reducing damage to dock fenders.

Protect your gear with EVA

Lightweight and able to absorb hard impacts, EVA foam is often used as padding in road crates to transport your valuable equipment safely.

Place EVA foam sheets between your computer monitors or TV screens to keep them safe during transport, perfect for karaoke hosts and trade show booth holders.

Get a custom fit with EVA foam inserts

Suppose you're looking for a super-satisfying way to organize, protect and transport your valuable equipment for years. In that case, EVA foam inserts can be precisely cut for a perfect fit to hold your microphones, antennas, fanny packs, laptops, and tech gear.

EVA foam is resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and bacteria, ensuring your electronic devices remain moisture-free.

Designed and manufactured by our team in Brisbane using a CNC milling machine, Titan AV EVA foam inserts can be used with our Titan AV 19" rack drawers and complex waterproof cases. Ask us about cutting to size and customizing EVA items to meet your needs.

Do you want to purchase EVA Foam Sheet? Foamwell is a professional insole manufacturer. We can customize EVA foam insole series products and also provide EVA insole sheet and EVA foam sheet wholesale service.

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