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Why do custom made insoles cost more

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Why do custom made insoles cost more

1、High material cost

Custom insoles have the functionality of non-custom insoles, which require higher material requirements and need to consider the support and cushioning. At the same time, the process and materials used in custom insoles differ significantly from those used in ordinary insoles.

In addition to meeting the functional requirements of custom insoles, professional custom insoles also need to achieve a higher degree of design flexibility and data accuracy (accuracy up to 0.1mm). Among them are the traditional custom insoles in the measurement and production process. Inevitably, there will be the disadvantages of a long time cycle and serious material consumption.

Nowadays, the advancement of 3D printing technology, combined with highly elastomeric printing materials, can significantly shorten the production time of custom insoles, and the additive manufacturing principle of 3D printing will also reduce the material consumption, which can


To realize the custom production of each pair of insoles based on cost reduction is substantial progress for custom insoles.

2、High knowledge cost

The designer of custom insoles needs to have knowledge and experience in physics, anatomy, and industrial design. Generally speaking, the time to train a custom insole designer is up to 5-8 years.

3、High cost of service

There are seven steps for custom insoles:


  • Receive client's inquiry/sample/blueprint

  • Graph Design

  • Client Confirm

  • Open new molds

  • Final confirm and place the order

  • Make SOP and arrange mass production

  • Package and shipping

To create a pair of custom insoles, we first need to do a full inspection service and collect foot data for the customer. The data is then passed to the designer for analysis and combined with the user's needs to create a customized solution. Once the design is created After the design is created, the production process will begin. Finally, we collect the user's wearing experience after receiving the insoles. We also need to provide users with corresponding consultation and after-sales service in the whole customization process.

You can contact us if you need customized insoles; we have advanced production equipment and laboratory, an R & D center, and 3D scanning printing insoles with an experienced professional team. We can customize a pair of suitable insoles for you.

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