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Why Do We Need To Custom Orthopedic Shoe Insoles?

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Why Do We Need To Custom Orthopedic Shoe Insoles?

With the popularity of orthopedic shoes, many people know that if children have flat feet or valgus, they can be corrected by orthopedic shoes. But in fact, many people don’t know, why do they need to go to a professional organization for measurement and then customize before correction? Today, we will popularize the issue of orthopedic shoe insoles.

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If you carefully observe the child’s feet, you will find that during the growth process, especially during infants and toddlers, the child’s feet are in an inverted triangle shape, and the middle arch of the foot will be covered by a thick layer of fat. As the age grows, the fat layer of the arch of the foot will be absorbed. At about 4 years old, the arch of the foot appears. Some children, in the process of forming the arch of the foot, may cause foot problems due to various bad habits or congenital problems. Because there are many structural parts such as the arch, heel, and forefoot, children's foot problems vary from person to person. Some children have high arches, some have severely flat feet, and some have different problems, such as flat feet mixed with valgus hind feet. Even for a single flat foot, there are differences in the degree of flatness. This is like myopia. The degree of myopia and astigmatism is different, which means that glasses need to be customized. Similarly, the various parameters of the foot are different, and orthopedic shoe insoles also need to be customized.


The principle of orthopedic shoe insoles customization is based on the scientific principle that different people's foot conditions are different. Before custom made orthotic insoles, you need to take your child to a professional organization to measure the foot, get a clear and accurate foot image, and give accurate data measurement based on three-dimensional measurement and gait tracking. Subsequently, through various manual observations and corrections, more effective orthopedic shoe insoles were fine-tuned to give the child the most comfortable wearing experience.

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