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How to Buy the Right Shoe Insoles - A Complete Guide

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How to Buy the Right Shoe Insoles - A Complete Guide

Many people have only heard of insoles by name and don't even know what they are, let alone what they do. If you want to learn more about the role of insoles, read my previous blog post on "The Function Of Custom Shoe Insole."

Since insoles are an accessory to shoes, most people don't produce the idea of having to purchase additional insoles or even know that insoles are even optional.

This article will go over the types of insoles, their functions, and the considerations for buying them. Let's get started.

Why do we need a good pair of insoles?

Because when we walk, we produce foot movement, so the quality of insoles will directly affect the health and comfort of the walker.

Due to the fierce competition in the industry, shoe manufacturers generally focus on the appearance of shoes and the materials used in shoes. In contrast, insoles generally use everyday materials to reduce costs.

Therefore, many people buy a new pair of shoes; they only care about the comfort and appearance of the shoes, never think about whether the insoles are suitable for themselves, only that the insoles are generally similar.

The insole's breathability and sweat absorption, shock absorption, elasticity, whether the arch support function, etc., all of these will affect the health and comfort of our feet.

The importance of insoles is often overlooked because people rarely pay attention to the impact of insoles on wear. When we walk for a long time, we may face the following conditions:

  • Numbness, pain, and coldness in the soles of the feet

  • Back pain

  • Coldness in the soles of the feet

  • Difficulty in weight-bearing

Therefore, you need to choose a good pair of insoles for walking, sports, and other occasions.

What are the functions of insoles?

A suitable insole can keep the shoe's interior dry and make the shoe easy to clean; the shoe is not easy to wear. At the same time, it is conducive to protecting the feet, keeping the feet comfortable and clean, and can also slow down the painful feeling of the soles of the feet caused by prolonged standing or walking and prevent a variety of foot diseases.

In summary, insoles have three functions.

Insoles have the performance of foot protection. Insoles can fill the space between the foot and the shoe bed to prevent the foot from sliding in the shoe. At the same time, the insole gives the foot good support and stability and can play a shock-absorbing role in our sports process, thus avoiding various injuries caused by prolonged exercise.

The insole has good breathability and moisture conductivity. When the feet sweat more, the growth of foot bacteria can reduce the comfort of the foot environment. Therefore, choosing a high-quality insole can improve the warm and humid environment in the shoe, effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of bacteria, and keep your feet dry and clean.

The insole promotes blood circulation in the foot. Insoles can be used for foot care, helping to keep the body healthy and circulating blood in the feet. At the same time, it also facilitates continuous foot movement and relieves fatigue.

The types of insoles.

From the material: insoles can be divided into cotton, felt, bamboo charcoal, silicone, EVA, foam PU, etc.

There are whole pads, half pads, and heel pads from the shape.

The function can be divided into conventional insoles, health insoles, corrective insoles, protective insoles, sustainable insoles, and environmentally friendly deodorant insoles.

Notes for choosing insoles.

Comprehensive knowledge of insoles introduced above, so how should we choose suitable shoe insoles for our shoes?

When buying insoles, you should pay attention to the insoles' thickness, softness, and perspiration wicking. For example, the following common matters:

  • If the insole is too thin, it will be uncomfortable to wear

  • If the insole is too thick, it will take up space in the shoe, which will cause pain in the foot

  • If the insole is too soft, you will quickly feel fatigued when walking for a long time

  • If the insole is too hard, it will rub your feet and reduce the cushioning and shock absorption, which is not conducive to foot protection.

  • If the insole is too thin and too soft, it will be easily deformed when you wear it.

Therefore, in purchasing insoles, you have to choose according to your own needs.

1. Insole suitable for daily walking, running, and other sports.

In general sports insoles, the arch fit is very high between the foot and the ground—for example, this FM-165 High Elastic Shock Absorption Breathable Sports Insole PU Insole.


It is made of mesh + PU + GEL, and its breathability and moisture absorption can keep your feet dry and healthy. So it is perfect for casual shoes or sports shoes.

When you use sports insoles in walking or running, its elastic PU has a slow rebound so that you are not easily fatigued, and it also does an excellent job in a breathable row.

2.Shoe insoles for metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is mainly manifested as forefoot pain, suitable for using a silicone-made half cushion pad under the forefoot. For example, this FM-304 Foot Care Shock Absorption Plantar Fasciitis Silicone Pain Relief 3/4 Gel Arch Support Insole.


This insole is made of gel. The insole uses a technologically advanced design that allows the grooves in the gel to act like miniature springs. The gel absorbs impact stress on the high-pressure points of the heel and foot, helping to reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee, and lower back.

3. Shoe insoles for flat feet

If you suffer from flat feet, you should choose custom flat foot insoles - for example, this Silicone Insole with Arch Support for Flat Feet.


This flat foot insole is made of advanced quality materials, features, and design to provide cushioning and optimal shock absorption and is suitable for daily use. It is mainly used for foot pain and can be used for physiotherapy, massage, and strengthening the inner and outer foot muscle exercise, which is beneficial to flat feet.

4. Shoe insoles suitable for foot odor and sweaty feet

People who have foot odor or sweaty feet can choose bamboo carbon, antibacterial insoles - for example, this FM-602 Natural Cork Breathable Custom High-Quality Eco-friendly Cork Orthotic Insole.


FM-602 natural cork insoles are suitable for people with arch pain and poor walking posture. Made of mesh + EVA + cork, it can relieve fascia strain, help rebound, improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue during exercise. High-quality materials make the insole soft and breathable and prevent foot odor. Keep your feet comfortable and relaxed all day long.

Of course, there are many more good quality and comfortable insoles in addition to these insoles.


While it is essential to choose a pair of shoes that suits your needs, it is equally important to choose a suitable insole that will bring good comfort and protection to your feet. Therefore, buying them according to your needs is essential when choosing insoles.

If you are a beginner, don't know much about insoles, and haven't found the right one for you, you can contact us. Our orthotics lab will scan and create orthotic inserts based on your order options. There are a variety of "custom orthotics" available. If you have narrow shoes, ski boots, or formal shoes, please order a dress orthotic.

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