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What can I do if I buy shoes that don't fit? Shoe insoles may help you

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What can I do if I buy shoes that don't fit? Shoe insoles may help you

We don't always get the right size when we buy shoes, whether for style, comfort, or simply because the size we need isn't available, and sometimes it's impossible to choose the perfect shoe. Finding the perfect-fitting shoe is easier said than done for many different foot shapes and sizes.

While there are multiple options for making these less-than-perfect-fitting shoes improve comfort and wearability, some of them may leave a lot to be desired. Wearing thick socks is one option, but this can become uncomfortable and often unsanitary on hot days. Another option is to fill the toe or heel of the shoe with paper or cloth, although this can become very uncomfortable after you've been on your feet for a while.

Using insoles to make shoes fit better

Using insoles to solve shoe fit problems is the most practical option: use insoles to improve the fit of your shoes. Not only is this the most practical option, but it is also the most comfortable. Insoles are designed to make shoes more comfortable and provide extra stability for your feet, so it's no wonder they're better than the intelligent solutions mentioned above.

Foam Well offers various insoles, all designed for various conditions and uses. Below we recommend two comfortable and functional insoles that can be a great solution to your shoe fit problems while also improving the wearing comfort.

The best Boost insole for a better fit - perfect for narrow-footed shoes

boost insoles-1

Loose-fitting shoes don't always need overly thick insoles to improve their fit, so we offer a versatile and thin insole for those situations. The FM-11 Boost insole is perfect for when your shoes are just slightly ill-fitting. This thin design means that these insoles are suitable for shoes with a better fit, such as narrow-footed shoes where insoles are hard to find.

Key features: shock impact absorption, comfortable to wear and ideal for sports; slim design ideal for narrow shoes

Optimal thick insole for improved fit - fits most shoes.

boost insoles

FM-12 Comfort Running Insoles are different for all shoes, which is why we like to recommend insoles that can be trimmed to fit any footwear. FM-12 Comfort Running Insoles offer one universal size, allowing you to trim them to the perfect size and shape for your shoes. They are made of a comfortable E-TPU material that helps cushion your feet while allowing airflow and preventing your feet from overheating.

Key Features: Fits any size and shape of a shoe; breathable cushioning

For custom insoles, choose a professional custom insole manufacturer - Foam Well.

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